7 CFR § 1209.40 - Programs, plans, and projects.

(a) The Council shall receive and evaluate, or on its own initiative develop, and submit to the Secretary for approval any program, plan, or project authorized under this subpart. Such programs, plans, or projects shall provide for:

(1) The establishment, issuance, effectuation, and administration of appropriate programs for promotion, research, consumer information, and industry information with respect to mushrooms; and

(2) The establishment and conduct of research with respect to the sale, distribution, marketing, and use of mushrooms and mushroom products, and the creation of new products thereof, to the end that marketing and use of mushrooms may be encouraged, expanded, improved or made more acceptable. However, as prescribed by the Act, nothing in this subpart may be construed to authorize mandatory requirements for quality control, grade standards, supply management programs, or other programs that would control production or otherwise limit the right of individual producers to produce mushrooms.

(b) No program, plan, or project shall be implemented prior to its approval by the Secretary. Once a program, plan, or project is so approved, the Council shall take appropriate steps to implement it.

(c) Each programs, plan, or project implemented under this subpart shall be reviewed or evaluated periodically by the Council to ensure that it contributes to an effective program of promotion, research, consumer information, or industry information. If it is found by the Council that any such program, plan, or project does not contribute to an effective program of promotion, research, consumer information, or industry information, then the Council shall terminate such program, plan, or project.

(d) In carrying out any program, plan, or project, no reference to a brand name, trade name, or State or regional identification of any mushrooms or mushroom product shall be made. In addition, no program, plan, or project shall make use of unfair or deceptive acts or practices with respect to the quality, value, or use of any competing product.