7 CFR § 1430.412 - Relation to RMA's LGM-Dairy Program.

§ 1430.412 Relation to RMA's LGM-Dairy Program.

(a) Dairy producers that produced and commercially marketed milk in 2018 and participated in the LGM-Dairy Program operated by RMA in 2018 are eligible to receive retroactive 2018 coverage under MPP-Dairy for those months in operation. Approved participation for retroactive MPP-Dairy coverage is subject to verification of LGM-Dairy coverage in 2018 by RMA.

(b) Eligible dairy producers must apply for the retroactive 2018 MPP-Dairy coverage on a CCC-prescribed application form during a signup period announced by the Deputy Administrator.

(c) Eligible producers that received partial year benefits under MPP-Dairy are eligible for the full year, less any payments issued for a month that triggered a payment under MPP-Dairy in 2018.