7 CFR 1436.17 - Environmental compliance.

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§ 1436.17 Environmental compliance.

(a) Except as otherwise specified in this section, prior to approval of any farm storage facility loan, an environmental evaluation will be completed to determine if the proposed action will have any adverse impacts on the environment and cultural resources.

(b) If it is determined that a proposed action or group of proposed actions will not result in any adverse impact, the action will be considered as being categorically excluded for the purpose of compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), 40 CFR parts 1500-1508.


(1) If adverse environmental impacts (either direct or indirect) are identified, an environmental assessment will be completed in accordance with the Council on Environmental Quality's Regulations for Implementing the Procedural Provisions of NEPA.

(2) The environmental assessment will be used to develop an action that results in no significant environmental impact on the human environment or cultural resources.

(3) No action will be approved that has been determined to have significant impacts on the human environment or cultural resources.


(1) In order to minimize the exposure to environmental liabilities from the presence of contamination on real estate collateral, an evaluation will be made of the economic and environmental risks to the real estate collateral posed by the presence of hazardous substances and petroleum products.

(2) If the evaluation made under paragraph (d)(1) of this section reveals that the collateral is or may be contaminated, then the applicant will be notified and given an option of offering as collateral other real estate that is free from contamination or remediating the contamination on the original site offered as collateral.