7 CFR 15a.15 - Exempt activities.

§ 15a.15 Exempt activities.

(a) These regulations shall not apply to:

(1) Any program or activity of the American Legion undertaken in connection with the organization or operation of any Girls State Conference, Girls Nation Conference, Boys State Conference, Boys Nation Conference, or

(2) The selection of students to attend any such conference.

(b) These regulations shall not preclude father-son or mother-daughter activities at an educational institution, but if such activities are provided for students of one sex, opportunities for reasonably comparable activities shall be provided for students of the other sex.

(c) These regulations shall not apply with respect to any scholarship or other financial assistance awarded by an institution of higher education to any individual because such individual has received such award in any pageant in which the attainment of such award is based upon a combination of factors related to the personal appearance, poise, and talent of such individual and in which participation is limited to individuals of one sex only, so long as such pageant is in compliance with other nondiscrimination provisions of Federal law.