7 CFR 170.13 - What are the operating guidelines for the USDA Farmers Market?

§ 170.13 What are the operating guidelines for the USDA Farmers Market?

(a)Market Operation. The Market will be held in parking court #9 of the USDA Headquarters Complex located on the corner of 12th Street and Independence Avenue, SW., Washington, DC. Selling will not begin before 10 a.m. and will end promptly at 2 p.m. each market day. All participants must be in place, setup and ready to sell by 10 a.m. Due to space restrictions at the site, late arrivals will be located at market management's discretion. All vehicles must vacate the market site no later than 3 p.m.

(b)Notification of Attendance. Each participant must call USDA within 48 hours of a market day if they cannot attend. Failure to provide proper and timely notification may result in termination of participation in the market.

(c)Participant Space. One vehicle is permitted per space; all other vehicles must be removed from the immediate market premises. One space is 16w × 17d feet, and all trucks must fit within that area. There is only room for 15 spaces.

(d)Signage. Participants must clearly display the name of their farm/business and post prices for all items being sold.

(e)Clean-up. Participants are responsible for cleaning all trash and waste within and around their allotted space. Garbage bins are provided on the market site for this purpose.

(f)Cooperative Marketing. Participants are permitted to share space with another participant or sell another's products if the arrangement is deemed by market management as beneficial to the market. A co-op must be pre-approved by market management and will not be accepted if similar products are already sold by existing farmers or vendors.

(g)Farm/Business Visits. Market management may visit farm/business locations to verify compliance with market criteria and guidelines. Participants should submit a map and directions to their farm/businesses with their market applications.

(h)Conduct on Federal Property: Participants must comply with Subpart 20.3 of the Federal Property Management Regulations, “Conduct on Federal Property,” 41 CFR 20.3.