7 CFR § 1744.55 - Application procedures.

§ 1744.55 Application procedures.

(a) Requests for information regarding applications for lien accommodations or subordination under this part should be addressed to the Assistant Administrator, Telecommunications Program, Rural Utilities Service, Washington, DC 20250-1590.

(b) An application for a lien accommodation or subordination shall include the following supporting information:

(1) A board Resolution from the applicant requesting the lien accommodation or subordination and stating the general purpose for which the funds from the private lender will be used, the proposed amount of the loan, and the proposed terms and conditions of the loan;

(2) An opinion from counsel representing the applicant that the applicant has the authority under its articles of incorporation, bylaws, and under applicable state law to undertake the project;

(3) Engineering and pertinent studies related to the projects or purposes to be financed, when applicable;

(4) Feasibility studies with pro forma financial statements showing the ability to repay the loan and provide an appropriate margin or net income;

(5) Any other information or documentation deemed pertinent by the borrower or the Administrator in support of the application.

(c) When the Administrator makes a determination that an application for an accommodation or subordination will not be approved the Administrator shall set forth the reasons therefor in writing and furnish such determination and reasons to the borrower within 30 days of the determination.

[51 FR 32430, Sept. 12, 1986. Redesignated at 55 FR 39396, Sept. 27, 1990, and further redesignated at 66 FR 41760, Aug. 9, 2001, as amended at 66 FR 41763, Aug. 9, 2001]

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