7 CFR § 1753.47 - Plans and specifications (P&S).

§ 1753.47 Plans and specifications (P&S).

(a) General.

(1) Prior to the preparation of P&S for the construction project:

(i) A review shall be made of the outside plant requirements, and the Loan Design (LD) shall be revised to reflect any needed changes (See § 1753.3).

(ii) Deviations from the approved LD (7 CFR part 1737) must be approved by RUS (See § 1753.3).

(2) The standard RUS specifications required for construction of outside plant facilities are:

(i) RUS Form 515a (Bulletin 345-150) - Specifications and Drawings for Construction of Direct Buried Plant.

(ii) RUS Form 515c (Bulletin 345-151) - Specifications and Drawings for Conduit and Manhole Construction.

(iii) RUS Form 515d (Bulletin 345-152) - Specifications and Drawings for Underground Cable Installation.

(iv) RUS Form 515f (Bulletin 345-153) - Specifications and Drawings for Construction of Pole Lines and Aerial Cables.

(v) RUS Form 515g (Bulletin 345-154) - Specifications and Drawings for Service Entrance and Station Protector Installation.

(b) Preparation of plans and specifications. Each set of plans and specifications shall include:

(1) RUS Contract Form 515, “Telephone System Construction Contract (Labor and Materials).”

(2) The specifications described in paragraph (a)(2) of this section as specified by the borrower in the RUS Contract Form 515.

(3) Description of special assembly units and guide drawings, if any.

(4) Key, detail, and cable layout maps.

(5) RUS Contract Form 787, “Supplement A to Construction Contract, RUS Contract Form 515,” when the borrower proposes to provide any materials to the contractor. The borrower shall not order materials for a contractor without RUS approval. In such cases the borrower must attach Form 787 and a “List of Owner's Materials on Hand” and/or a “List of Materials Ordered by Owner but Not Delivered” to contract Form 515 (See § 1753.48(f) of this part). Any materials furnished under Supplement A shall be listed in RUS Bulletin 344-2 unless special RUS approval has been received by the borrower to use unlisted materials.

(c) Submission of plans and specifications to RUS.

(1) If the project does not exceed $500,000 or 25% of the loan, whichever is less, the borrower shall furnish GFR one set of P&S. The borrower may then proceed with procurement in accordance with § 1753.48.

(2) If the project exceeds $500,000 or 25% of the loan, whichever is less, RUS approval of P&S is required. Two sets of P&S shall be furnished to GFR. RUS will return one set to the borrower upon notice of approval. The borrower may then proceed with procurement in accordance with § 1753.48.

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