7 CFR § 1777.41 - Individual loans and grants.

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§ 1777.41 Individual loans and grants.

(a) The amount of loan and grant funds approved by the Agency will be based on the need shown in the application and an implementation plan submitted by the applicant. The implementation plan will include such things as: purpose, how funds will be used, proposed application process, construction requirements, control and disbursement of funds, etc. The implementation plan will be attached to RUS Bulletin 1777-1.

(b) RUS Bulletin 1777-1 is a Memorandum of Agreement which sets forth the procedures and regulations for making and servicing loans and grants made by applicants to individuals. The State Program Official is authorized to enter into a Memorandum of Agreement with any applicant providing loans and/or grants to individuals. The Memorandum of Agreement can be amended to comply with State law and recommendations by the Office of General Counsel. It may also be amended to eliminate references to loans and/or grants if no loan and/or grant is involved. The State Program Official is responsible for:

(1) Ensuring that all provisions of the Agreement are understood.

(2) Determining that the applicant has the ability to make and service loans and/or grants in the manner outlined in the Agreement.

(c) Agency funds remaining after providing individual loans and/or grants will be returned to the Agency. The funds should be disbursed to individuals within 1 year from the date water and/or waste disposal service is available to the individuals. The State Program Official can make an exception to this 1 year requirement if written justification is provided by the applicant.