7 CFR § 1786.156 - Application procedure.

§ 1786.156 Application procedure.

Any borrower seeking to prepay Qualified Notes under this subpart should apply to the appropriate RUS Regional Director or the Director of the Power Supply Division. The application shall provide the following:

(a) Borrower's RUS designation;

(b) Borrower's name and address;

(c) A certified copy of a resolution of the board of directors of the borrower that the borrower wishes to enter into a prepayment agreement providing for the prepayment of all or a portion of its Qualified Notes;

(d) Listing of each Qualified Note to be prepaid by loan designation, RUS account number, advance date, maturity date, original amount, and outstanding principal balance;

(e) Evidence that the borrower has the ability to obtain the financing necessary to prepay its Qualified Notes listed in paragraph (d) of this section and identification of the source of financing and the need if any of obtaining a lien accommodation from RUS; and

(f) Such additional information as the Administrator may request.