7 CFR § 1786.158 - Terms and conditions of prepayment agreement.

§ 1786.158 Terms and conditions of prepayment agreement.

Upon receipt of a satisfactory application, RUS shall provide to the borrower for its execution a prepayment agreement, in form and substance satisfactory to RUS, which may include the following:

(a) Provide for the prepayment of one or more Qualified Notes from time to time, but no more than two closings may be scheduled in any calendar year unless a third closing is for the prepayment of all outstanding electric loans of the borrower;

(b) Set forth procedures and forms through which the borrower will notify the Government of each election it makes to prepay certain Qualified Notes upon a requested closing date and the Government will notify the borrower of the established closing date and prepayment amount for the Qualified Notes for each closing;

(c) Reserve to the Administrator the right to reschedule closing dates to meet administrative considerations;

(d) Set forth closing requirements identifying the location and manner of payment, and all documentation and information to be delivered prior to or at closing, including opinions of counsel and certificates from the borrower;

(e) Provide for notice by either telephone or facsimile to be given by RUS to the borrower not more than 8 nor less than 3 business days before a scheduled closing date of the amount to be paid at closing which shall include all accrued interest and the discounted present value of the Qualified Notes to be prepaid;

(f) Provide for notice of the 120 month period during which the borrower's eligibility for direct or insured loans will be restricted;

(g) Set forth representations and warranties;

(h) Require the borrower to prepay each Qualified Note specified in full;

(i) Require the borrower to identify the source of the financing that will be used directly or indirectly to refinance the Qualified Notes. If the source is other than internally generated funds, the borrower must certify in writing whether such financing will be tax exempt, and if tax exempt financing will be used, furnish all information on the terms and conditions of the financing as RUS may require;

(j) Require the borrower to rescind the unadvanced balance of all outstanding electric loans as of the date of initial closing;

(k) Require the borrower, if it is a party to a wholesale power contract with a power supply borrower, to provide the Administrator with such assurances as the Administrator may require that it is in compliance with and will continue to comply with its obligation to such power supply borrower;

(l) Provide RUS, if the Administrator determines it necessary, with security for all outstanding rural development loans and amendments to any outstanding rural development loan agreements in form and substance, and on terms and conditions, satisfactory to RUS;

(m) Prescribe remedies for violating the terms and conditions of the prepayment agreement;

(n) Provide for termination by RUS of the right for the borrower to prepay thereunder;

(o) Provide evidence that any approvals required from any supplemental lender have been obtained; and

(p) Set forth such other terms and conditions as the Administrator shall deem appropriate.