7 CFR § 1786.32 - Settlement procedure.

§ 1786.32 Settlement procedure.

(a) General. Settlements in connection with prepaying FFB loans pursuant to this subpart shall be conducted in accordance with the provisions of this section.

(b) Settlement date. The prepayment will be settled and if a private loan is utilized, the guarantee will be delivered, on a settlement date agreed upon by the borrower and RUS. Prior to scheduling a settlement date for a borrower's prepayment pursuant to this subpart, RUS shall have received the material specified in § 1786.31(b).

(c) Place of settlement. All settlements will take place in Washington, DC, at a location of the borrower's choosing; provided however, if more than one settlement is proposed for the same settlement date, RUS reserves the right to coordinate the date and location of the settlements with borrowers involved.

(d) Repayment of FFB. Prior to 1:00 p.m. prevailing local time in New York, New York, on the settlement date, the borrower shall wire immediately available funds to RUS through the Department of the Treasury account at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York or shall provide for payment to RUS in another manner acceptable to RUS and FFB, in an amount sufficient to pay the outstanding principal of the FFB loan being prepaid plus accrued interest from the last payment date to and including the settlement date.

(e) Documentation. The borrower shall deliver, or cause to be delivered to RUS and FFB, not less than 3 business days prior to the settlement date, written notice of the settlement date and a complete listing of each FFB loan advance to be prepaid or partially prepaid, in the format required by § 1786.31(a)(2). In the event that a private loan is used in connection with the prepayment, the following executed documents, opinions and material shall be delivered at the settlement:

(1) The guaranteed note evidencing the private loan.

(2) The guarantee.

(3) The loan guarantee agreement.

(4) Copy of the private loan agreement between the lender and the borrower.

(5) Evidence that the borrower has received all approvals which are required under Federal or state law, loan agreements, security agreements, existing financing arrangements, or any other agreement to which the borrower is a party.

(6) An amendment in recordable form revising the description of the obligations secured by the mortgage including the obligation of the borrower to reimburse RUS for any amounts that RUS may pay under the guarantee.

(7) An approving opinion of the borrower's legal counsel to the effect that the guaranteed note evidencing the private loan is a valid and legally binding obligation of the borrower which is secured under the mortgage, and the priority of the mortgage, as amended pursuant to paragraph (e)(6) of this section, remains undisturbed.

(8) An approving opinion of the lender's legal counsel to the effect that the loan guarantee agreement is a valid and legally binding obligation of the lender.

(9) Such other opinions of counsel as may be required by the Administrator.

(10) Copies of any other documentation required by the lender.

(11) Copies of any other documentation required by RUS to ensure that the obligations of the borrower to reimburse RUS for any amounts that RUS pays under the guarantee or may advance in connection with the private loan are adequately secured under the mortgage.

(Approved by the Office of Management and Budget under control number 0572-0088)

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