7 CFR 18.4 - Elements of program.

§ 18.4 Elements of program.
A satisfactory program shall include:
(a) A statement of policy prohibiting discrimination in employment;
(b) An administrative procedure enforcing that policy;
(c) A positive affirmative action plan designed to assure equal opportunity in employment;
(d) A procedure for identifying and eliminating employment practices tending to create or continue discrimination in employment;
(e) A procedure for evaluating the success of the program;
(f) Adequate provision for publicizing the program including dissemination of information to all those covered by these regulations;
(g) A procedure for prompt processing of complaints assuring no less than minimum rights prescribed in§ 18.5;
(h) Adequate provisions for the protection of complainants, employees, witnesses, and representatives from interference, harassment, intimidation and reprisal;
(i) A procedure for the informal resolution of complaints; and,
(j) A procedure for recording receipt and disposition of all complaints. A report of the receipt and a report of the disposition of all formal complaints will be sent promptly to the Secretary.

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