7 CFR § 1822.265 - Loan purposes.

§ 1822.265 Loan purposes.

RHS loans may be made to qualified applicants:

(a) For the purchase and development of adequate sites, including the construction of essential access roads, streets, utility lines, and necessary equipment which will become a permanent part of the development. If public water and waste disposal facilities are not available and cannot reasonably be provided on a community basis with other financing, including Water and Waste Disposal Association loans, funds may be included for this purpose.

(b) For the payment of necessary engineering fees, legal fees, and closing costs.

(c) For the payment of actual cash cost of incidental administrative expenses such as postage, telephone, advertising, and temporary secretarial help, if funds to pay these expenses are not otherwise available. The estimated cost of these items should be identified and shown in the budget.

(d) To provide for needed landscaping, planting, seeding, or sodding, or other necessary facilities related to buildings such as walks, parking areas, and driveways.

(e) When legally required by proper local, county, and State Governmental bodies as a condition for subdivision approval, RHS loan funds may be used to provide common areas playgrounds and tot lots, provided such facilities are dedicated to, and maintained by, a public body.

(42 U.S.C. 1480; delegation of authority by the Sec. of Agri., 7 CFR 2.23; delegation of authority by the Asst. Sec. for Rural Development, 7 CFR 2.70)
[35 FR 16087, July 1, 1970, as amended at 43 FR 24264, June 5, 1978; 80 FR 9866, Feb. 24, 2015]