7 CFR § 1902.10 - Withdrawals.

§ 1902.10 Withdrawals.

(a) The Servicing Official will not countersign checks on the supervised bank account for the use of funds unless the funds deposited by the borrower from other sources were cash deposits, checks which the Servicing Official knows to be good, or deposited checks which have cleared.

(b) Withdrawals of funds deposited under the applicable deposit agreement are permitted only by order of the borrower and countersignature of authorized Rural Development personnel, or upon written demand on the financial institution by the State Director.

(c) Upon withdrawal or maturity of interest-bearing accounts established through the use of an Interest-Bearing Deposit Agreement, such funds will be credited to the supervised bank account established through the use of Form RD 402-1.

(d) The issuance of checks on the supervised bank account will be kept to the minimum possible without defeating the purpose of such accounts. When major items of capital goods are being purchased, or a limited number of relatively costly items of operating expenses are being paid, or when debts are being refinanced, the checks will be drawn to the vendors or creditors. If minor capital items are being purchased or numerous items of operating and family living expenses are involved as in connection with a monthly budget, a check may be drawn to the borrower to provide the funds to meet such costs.

(1) A check will be issued payable to the appropriate payee but will never be issued to “cash.” The purpose of the expenditure will be clearly shown on Form FmHA or its successor agency under Public Law 103-354 402-2 and indicated on the fact of the check. When checks are drawn in favor of the borrower to cover items too numerous to identify, the expenditure will be identified on the check, as “miscellaneous.”

(2) Ordinarily, a check will be countersigned before it is delivered to the payee. However, in justifiable circumstances, such as when excessive travel on the part of the borrower or Servicing Official would be involved, or purchase would be prevented, and the borrower can be relied upon to select goods and services in accordance with the plans, a check may be delivered to the payee by the borrower before being countersigned.

(i) When a check is to be delivered to the payee before being countersigned, the Servicing Official must make it clear to the borrower and to the payee, if possible, that the check will be countersigned only if the quantity and quality of items purchased are in accordance with approved plans.

(ii) Checks delivered to the payee before counter-signature will bear the following legend in addition to the legend for countersignature: Valid only upon countersignature of Rural Development.”

(iii) The check must be presented by the payee or a representative to the Rural Development Servicing Office for the required countersignature.

(iv) Such check must be accompanied by a bill of sale, invoice, or receipt signed by the borrower identifying the nature and cost of goods or services purchased, or similar information must be indicated on the check.

(3) For real estate loans or grants, whether the check is delivered to the payee before or after countersignature, the number and date of the check will be inserted on all bills of sale, invoices, receipts, and itemized statements for materials, equipment, and services.

(4) Bills of sale, invoices, receipts, or itemized statements may be returned to the borrower with the canceled check for the payment of the bill.

(5) Checks to be drawn on a supervised bank account will bear the legend:

• “Countersigned,” not as co-maker or endorser.
Rural Development
[46 FR 36106, July 14, 1981, as amended at 54 FR 47959, Nov. 20, 1989; 70 FR 59227, Oct. 12, 2005; 80 FR 9870, Feb. 24, 2015]

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