7 CFR § 1955.131 - Auctioneers.

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§ 1955.131 Auctioneers.

The services of licensed auctioneers, if required, may be used to conduct auction sales as described in § 1955.148 of this subpart and procured by competitive negotiation under the contracting authority of Exhibit C to RD Instruction 2024-A (available in any Rural Development office).

(a) Selection criteria. The auctioneer should be selected by evaluating criteria such as proposed sales dates, location, advertising, broker cooperation, innovations, mechanics of sale, sample advertising, personal qualifications, financial capability, private sector financing and license/bonding.

(b) Commission. Rural Development may not set the commission rate in an auctioneer solicitation/contract. The rate of commission will be one of the evaluation criteria in the solicitation. However, any offeror that submits an offer with a commission rate lower than the typical rate for such services in the area must include documentation that they have successfully sold properties at the lower rate with no compromise in services. The solicitation/contract will explicitly detail this policy. Commissions will be paid at closing if sufficient cash to cover the commission is paid by the purchaser. Otherwise, the commission will be paid by the appropriate Rural Development official completing Form AD-838 and processing Form RD 838-B for payment in accordance with the respective FMI's, and charged to the inventory account as a nonrecoverable cost.

(c) Auctioneer restriction. The auctioneer, his/her sales agents, cooperating brokers or persons living in his, her or their immediate household are restricted from bidding or from subsequent purchase of any property sold or offered at the auctioneer's sale for a period of one year from the auction date.

[50 FR 23904, June 7, 1985, as amended at 53 FR 27837, July 25, 1988]