7 CFR § 1955.147 - Sealed bid sales.

§ 1955.147 Sealed bid sales.

This section provides guidance on the sale of all Rural Development inventory property, except suitable FP real property which will not be sold by sealed bid. Before a sealed bid sale, the State Director will determine and document the minimum sale price acceptable. In determining a minimum sale price, the State Director will consider the length of time the property has been in inventory, previous marketing efforts, the type property involved, and potential purchasers. Program financing will be offered on sales of program and suitable property. For NP or surplus property, credit may be extended to facilitate the sale. When a group of properties is to be sold at one time, advertising may indicate that Rural Development will consider bids on an individual property or a group of properties and Rural Development will accept the bid or bids which are in the best financial interest of the Government. Credit, however, may not exceed the market value of the property nor may the term exceed the period for which the property will serve as adequate security. Sealed bids will be made on Form RD 1955-46 with any accompanying deposit in the form of cashier's check, certified check, postal or bank money order or bank draft payable to Rural Development. For program and suitable property, the minimum deposit will be the same as outlined in § 1955.130(e)(1) of this subpart. For NP or surplus property, the minimum deposit will be ten percent (10%). The bid will be considered delivered when actually received at the Rural Development office. All bids will be date and time stamped. Advertisements and notices will request bidders to submit their bid in a sealed envelope marked as follows:

SEALED BID OFFER __________*__________.” (*Insert “PROPERTY IDENTIFICATION NUMBER __________).

(a) Opening bids. Sealed bids will be held in a secured file before bid opening which will be at the place and time specified in the notice. The bid opening will be public and usually held at the Rural Development office. The County Supervisor, District Director, or State Director or his/her designee will open the bids with at least one other Rural Development employee present. Each bid received will be tabulated showing the name and address of the bidder, the amount of the bid, the amount and form of the deposit, and any conditions of the bid. The tabulation will be signed by the County Supervisor, District Director or State Director or his/her designee and retained in the inventory file.

(b) Successful bids. The highest complying bid meeting the minimum established price will be accepted by the approval official; however, it will be subject to loan approval by the appropriate official when a credit sale is involved. For SFH and FP (surplus property) sales, preference will be given to a cash offer on NP or surplus property sales which is at least ____*____ percent of the highest offer requiring credit [*Refer to Exhibit B of RD Instruction 440.1 (available in any Rural Development office) for the current percentage.] Otherwise, equal bids will be accepted by public lot drawing. For program or suitable property sales, no preference will be given to program purchasers unless two identical high bids are received, in which case the bid from the program purchaser will receive preference. If a bid is received from any purchaser with a request for credit that (considering any deposit) exceeds the market value of the property or requests a term which exceeds the period for which the property will serve as adequate security, the bidder will be given the opportunity to reduce the credit request and/or term with no accompanying change in the offered price.

(c) Unsuccessful bids. Deposits of unsuccessful bidders will be returned by certified mail with letter of explanation, return receipt requested. If there were no acceptable bids, the letter will advise each bidder of any anticipated negotiations for the sale of the property and deposits will be returned.

(d) Disqualified bids. Any bid that does not comply with the terms of the offer will be disqualified. Minor deviations and defects in bid submission may be waived by the Rural Development official approving the sale.

(e) Failure to close. If a successful bidder fails to perform under the terms of the offer, the bid deposit will be retained as full liquidated damages. However, if a credit sale complying with the Rural Development notice is an element of the offer and Rural Development disapproves the credit application, then the bid deposit will be returned to the otherwise successful bidder. Upon determination that the successful bidder will not close, the State Director may authorize either another sealed bid or auction sale of direct negotiations with the next highest bidder, all available unsuccessful bidders, or other interested parties.

(f) No acceptable bid. Where no acceptable bid is received although adequate competition is evident, the State Director may authorize a negotiated sale in accordance with § 1955.108(d) of this subpart.

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