7 CFR § 1956.139 - Collections.

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§ 1956.139 Collections.

(a) When the debtor offers a lump-sum payment in compromise or an initial payment on an adjustment offer, that payment will accompany the settlement application at the time the application is filed with the servicing official.

(b) [Reserved]

(c) Checks or check transmittal letters containing restrictive notations such as “Settlement in full” or “Payment in full,” will be forwarded to the State Office where they will be retained until approval or rejection of the offer. The use of restrictive notations will be discouraged to the fullest extent possible.

(d) All payments evidenced by Form RD 451-2, “Schedule of Remittances,” bearing the legend “Compromise Offer—Rural Development” or “Adjustment Offer—Rural Development,” will be held in the Deposits Fund Account by the Finance Office until notification is received from the State Office of the approval or rejection of the offer.

(1) Upon receipt of an approved Form RD 1956-1, remittances will be applied in accordance with established policies, beginning with the oldest loan included in the settlement, except that when the request for settlement includes loans made from different revolving funds, the Finance Office will prorate the amount received on the basis of the total principal balance due the respective revolving funds.

(2) Upon notification of a rejection of a debtor's offer and receipt of a request from the State Director for a refund, the Finance Office will refund to the debtor, in care of the servicing official, the amount held in the Deposits Fund Account.

(e) When a debtor's adjustment offer is approved, the accounts involved will not be adjusted in the records of the Finance Office until all payments have been made. Form RD 1956-1 will be held in a suspense file pending payment of the full amount of the approved offer.

(f) If an approved debt settlement agreement is later voided by the State Director in accordance with § 1956.142(e) of this subpart, any payments which have been received shall be retained as payments on the debt owed at the time the compromise or adjustment offer was approved.

[53 FR 13100, Apr. 21, 1988, as amended at 68 FR 61332, Oct. 28, 2003]