7 CFR § 205.300 - Use of the term, “organic.”

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§ 205.300 Use of the term, “organic.”

(a) The term, “organic,” may only be used on labels and in labeling of raw or processed agricultural products, including ingredients, that have been produced and handled in accordance with the regulations in this part. The term, “organic,” may not be used in a product name to modify a nonorganic ingredient in the product.

(b) Products for export, produced and certified to foreign national organic standards or foreign contract buyer requirements, may be labeled in accordance with the organic labeling requirements of the receiving country or contract buyer: Provided, That, the shipping containers and shipping documents meet the labeling requirements specified in § 205.307(c).

(c) Products produced in a foreign country and exported for sale in the United States must be certified pursuant to subpart E of this part, labeled pursuant to this subpart D, and must comply with the requirements in § 205.273.

(d) Livestock feeds produced in accordance with the requirements of this part must be labeled in accordance with the requirements of § 205.306.

[65 FR 80637, Dec. 21, 2000, as amended at 88 FR 3622, Jan. 19, 2023]