7 CFR § 205.641 - Payment of fees and other charges.

§ 205.641 Payment of fees and other charges.

(a) Applicants for initial accreditation and renewal of accreditation must remit the nonrefundable fee, pursuant to § 205.640(a)(3), along with their application. Remittance must be made payable to the USDA, AMS Livestock Program and mailed to: USDA, AMS Livestock, Poultry and Seed Program, QAD, P.O. Box 790304 St. Louis, MO 63179-0304 or such other address as required by the Program Manager.

(b) Payments for fees and other charges not covered under paragraph (a) of this section must be:

(1) Received by the due date shown on the bill for collection;

(2) Made payable to the Agricultural Marketing Service, USDA; and

(3) Mailed to the address provided on the bill for collection.

(c) The Administrator shall assess interest, penalties, and administrative costs on debts not paid by the due date shown on a bill for collection and collect delinquent debts or refer such debts to the Department of Justice for litigation.

[65 FR 80637, Dec. 21, 2000, as amended at 80 FR 6429, Feb. 5, 2015]