7 CFR § 245.3 - Eligibility standards and criteria.

§ 245.3 Eligibility standards and criteria.

(a) Each State agency, or FNSRO where applicable, shall by July 1 of each year announce family-size income standards to be used by local educational agencies, as defined in § 245.2, under the jurisdiction of such State agency, or FNSRO where applicable, in making eligibility determinations for free or reduced price meals and for free milk. Such family size income standards for free and reduced price meals and for free milk shall be in accordance with Income Eligibility Guidelines published by the Department by notice in the Federal Register.

(b) Each participating local educational agency and all participating schools under its jurisdiction must adhere to the eligibility criteria specified in this part. Local educational agencies must include these eligibility criteria in their policy statement as required under § 245.10 and it must be publicly announced in accordance with the provisions of § 245.5. Additionally, each State agency, or FNSRO where applicable, must require that local educational agencies accept as income eligible for free meals and free milk, children who are categorically eligible for those benefits based on documentation of eligibility, as specified in § 245.6 (b).

(c) Each School Food Authority shall serve free and reduced price meals or free milk in the respective programs to children eligible under its eligibility criteria. When a child is not a member of a family (as defined in § 245.2), the child shall be considered a family of one. In any school which participates in more than one of the child nutrition programs, eligibility shall be applied uniformly so that eligible children receive the same benefits in each program. If a child transfers from one school to another school under the jurisdiction of the same School Food Authority, his eligibility for free or reduced price meals or for free milk, if previously established, shall be transferred to, and honored by, the receiving school if it participates in the National School Lunch Program, School Breakfast Program, Special Milk Program and the School Food Authority has elected to provide free milk, or is a commodity-only school.

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