7 CFR § 247.3 - Administering agencies.

§ 247.3 Administering agencies.

(a) What agencies are responsible for administering CSFP? CSFP is administered at the Federal level by the Department's Food and Nutrition Service (FNS), which provides commodities, assigns caseload, and allocates administrative funds to State agencies. State agencies are responsible for administering the program at the State level. The State agency may select local agencies to administer the program in local areas of the State. The State agency must provide guidance to local agencies on all aspects of program operations. The State agency may also select subdistributing agencies (e.g., another State agency, a local governmental agency, or a nonprofit organization) to distribute or store commodities, or to perform other program functions on behalf of the State agency. Local or subdistributing agencies may also select other agencies to perform specific program functions (e.g., food distribution or storage), with the State agency's approval. Although the State agency may select other organizations to perform specific activities, the State agency is ultimately responsible for all aspects of program administration.

(b) Are there specific functions that the State agency cannot delegate to another agency? Yes. The State agency may not delegate the performance of the following functions to another agency:

(1) Establishing eligibility requirements, in accordance with the options provided to the State agency under § 247.9; or

(2) Establishing a management review system and conducting reviews of local agencies, in accordance with § 247.34.

(c) What Federal requirements must State, subdistributing, and local agencies follow in administering CSFP? State, subdistributing, and local agencies must administer the program in accordance with the provisions of this part, and with the provisions contained in part 250 of this chapter, unless they are inconsistent with the provisions of this part.