7 CFR § 248.6 - Recipient eligibility.

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§ 248.6 Recipient eligibility.

(a) Eligibility for certification. Individuals who are eligible to receive Federal benefits under the FMNP are those, excluding infants 4 months of age or younger, who are currently receiving benefits under WIC or who are on the waiting list to receive benefits from WIC.

(b) Limitations on certification. If necessary to limit the number of recipients, State agencies may impose additional eligibility requirements, such as limiting participant certification to certain geographic areas, or to high priority WIC participants such as pregnant and breastfeeding women. States may also preclude groups of low priority persons, such as persons on the waiting list for WIC. Each State agency must specifically identify these limitations on certification in its State Plan.

(c) Recipient or household benefit allocation. On a Statewide basis, State agencies shall elect to allocate and issue benefits either to recipients or households. A State agency allocating benefits on a household basis shall not issue more benefits to a household than it otherwise would if benefits were allocated to individual recipients within the household. For those State agencies issuing FMNP benefits on a household basis, each family as defined in § 246.2 of this chapter shall constitute a separate household. Foods provided, regardless of method of issuance, are intended for the sole benefit of FMNP recipients and are not intended to be shared with other non-participating household members. If a State agency issues benefits on a household basis, data concerning number and type of recipients must still be provided as required by § 248.23(b). Recipients shall receive FMNP benefits free of charge.