7 CFR § 252.5 - Recipient agency responsibilities.

§ 252.5 Recipient agency responsibilities.

(a)Registration. Recipient agencies that have approved agreements with State distributing agencies to receive donated food may register with FNS on an FNS approved form to participate in the NCP Program. Upon request, FNS will provide recipient agencies with registration forms. Recipient agencies shall notify FNS when they are no longer eligible to receive donated food under an agreement. Failure to notify FNS shall result in claim action.

(b)Recipient agency records. Each recipient agency shall maintain accurate and complete records with respect to the receipt, disposal, and inventory of donated food, including products processed from donated food, and with respect to any funds which arise from the operation of the distribution program.

(c)Refunds. A recipient agency purchasing end products under the NCP Program from a processor utilizing a refund system shall submit a refund application supplied by the processor to the processor within 30 days of receipt of the end products, except that recipient agencies may submit refund applications to a single processor on a Federal fiscal quarterly basis if the total anticipated refund due for all purchases of end product from that processor during the quarter is 25 dollars or less. Recipient agencies must insure that any funds received as a result of refund payments be designated for use by the food service department.

(d)Verification. If requested by FNS, each recipient agency shall cooperate in the verification of end product sales reported by processors under the NCP Program. The recipient agency may be requested to verify actual purchases of end products as substantiated by the recipient agency's invoices and may also be requested to verify that the invoice correctly identifies the discount included or refund due for the value of the donated ingredient contained in the end product.

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