7 CFR § 280.1 - Interim disaster procedures.

§ 280.1 Interim disaster procedures.

The Secretary shall, after consultation with the official empowered to exercise the authority provided for by section 302(a) of the Disaster Relief Act of 1974, establish temporary emergency standards of eligibility for the duration of the emergency for households who are victims of a disaster which disrupts commercial channels of food distribution, if such households are in need of temporary food assistance and if commercial channels of food distribution have again become available to meet the temporary food needs of such households. Such standards as are prescribed for individual emergencies may be promulgated without regard to section 4(c) of this Act or the procedures set forth in section 553 of Title 5 of the United States Code. In addition to establishing temporary emergency standards of eligibility, the Secretary shall provide for emergency allotments to eligible households to replace food destroyed in a disaster. Such emergency allotments would be equal to the value of the food actually lost in such disaster but not greater than the applicable maximum monthly allotment for the household size. The Secretary may also approve alternate methods for issuing SNAP benefits during a disaster when reliance on Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) systems is impracticable.

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