7 CFR § 2900.3 - Essential agricultural uses.

§ 2900.3 Essential agricultural uses.

For purposes of Section 401(c) of the NGPA the following classes or portions of classes are certified as essential agricultural uses in order to meet the requirements of full food and fiber production:

Essential Agricultural Uses
Industry SIC No. and Industry Description
Food and Natural Fiber Production

01 Agricultural Production - Crops

02 Agricultural Production - Livestock Excluding 0272 - Horses and Other Equines, and Nonfood Portions of 0279 - Animal Specialties, Not Elsewhere Classified.

0723 Crop Preparation Services for Market, Except Cotton Ginning (see fiber processing).

4971 Irrigation Systems.

Fertilizer and Agricultural Chemicals
(Process and Feedstock Use Only)

1474 Potash, Soda, and Borate Materials.

1475 Phosphate Rock.

1477 Sulfur.

2819 Industrial Inorganic Chemicals, n.e.c. (Agricultural related only).

2865 Cyclic Crudes and Cyclic Intermediates, Dyes and Organic Pigments (Agricutural related only).

2869 Industrial Organic Chemicals, n.e.c. (Agricutural related only).

287 Agricultural Chemicals.

2899 Chemicals and Chemical Preparations, n.e.c. (Salt - Feed grade only).

3274 Lime (Agricultural lime only).

Food and Natural Fiber Processing-Food

20 Food and Kindred Products Except 2047 Dog, Cat and Other Pet Food, and 2048 Prepared Feeds and Feed Ingredients for Animals and Fowls, Not Elsewhere Classified.

2869 Industrial Organic Chemicals (Monosodium Glutamate, Food-grade Citric Acid and Food-grade Enzymes only).

2899 Chemicals and Chemical Preparations, n.e.c. (Salt for food use only).

Animal Feeds, and Food
(Process and Feedstock Use Only)

2047 Dog, Cat and Other Pet Food.

2048 Prepared Feeds and Feed Ingredients for Animals and Fowls, Not Elsewhere Classified.

Natural Fiber

0724 Cotton Ginning.

2141 Tobacco Stemming and Redrying.

2299 Textile Goods, n.e.c. (wool tops, combing and converting).

3111 Leather Tanning and Finishing.

Food Quality Maintenance - Food Packaging

2641 Paper Coating and Glazing (food related only).

2643 Bags, Except Textile (food related only).

2645 Die Cut Paper and Paperboard (food related only).

2646 Pressed and Molded Pulp Goods (food related only).

2649 Converted Paper Products (food related only).

2651 Folding Paperboard Boxes (food related only).

2653 Corrugated and Solid Fiber Boxes (food related only).

2654 Sanitary Food Containers.

2655 Fiber Cans, Tubes, Drums, and Similar Products (food related only).

3079 Miscellaneous Plastic Products (food related only).

3221 Glass Containers (food related only).

3411 Metal Cans (food related only).

3412 Metal Shipping Barrels, Drums, Kegs, and Pails (food related only).

3466 Metal Crowns and Closures (Food Related Only).

3497 Metal Foil and Leaf (food related only).

Petroleum wax, synthetic petroleum wax and polyethylene wax (food grade only) as food containers.

Marketing and Distribution

4221 Farm Product Warehousing and Storage.

4222 Refrigerated Warehousing.

514 Groceries and Related Products.

5153 Farm Product Raw Materials - Grain.

54 Food Stores.

Energy Production

(1) Agricultural production on set-aside acreage or acreage diverted from the production of a commodity (as provided under the Agricultural Act of 1949) to be devoted to the production of any commodity for conversion into alcohol or hydrocarbons for use as motor fuel or other fuels;

(2) Sugar refining for production of alcohol; and

(3) Distillation of fuel-grade alcohol from food grains and other biomass by facilities in existence on June 30, 1980 which do not have the installed capability to burn coal lawfully, for a period ending June 29, 1985.

(Pub. L. 95-621, Nov. 8, 1978, 92 Stat. 3350; 15 U.S.C. 3301 et seq.)
[44 FR 28786, May 17, 1979, as amended at 45 FR 5298, Jan. 23, 1980; 45 FR 45887, 45888, July 8, 1980; 45 FR 50550, July 30, 1980; 47 FR 25320, June 11, 1982; 48 FR 43670, Sept. 26, 1983; 49 FR 37733, Sept. 26, 1984]

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