7 CFR § 318.13-17 - Cut flowers from Hawaii.

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§ 318.13-17 Cut flowers from Hawaii.

(a) Except for cut blooms and leis of mauna loa and jade vine and except for cut blooms of gardenia not grown in accordance with paragraph (b) of this section, cut flowers may be moved interstate from Hawaii under limited permit, to a destination specified in the permit, directly from an establishment operated in accordance with the terms of a compliance agreement executed by the operator of the establishment, if the articles have not been exposed to infestation and they are not accompanied by any articles prohibited interstate movement under this subpart.

(b) Cut blooms of gardenia may be moved interstate from Hawaii if grown and inspected in accordance with the provisions of this section. 4

4 Cut blooms of gardenia are also eligible for interstate movement with treatment in accordance with part 305 of this chapter.

(1) The grower's production area must be inspected annually by an inspector and found free of green scale. If green scale is found during an inspection, a 2-month ban will be placed on the interstate movement of cut blooms of gardenia from that production area. Near the end of the 2 months, an inspector will reinspect the grower's production area to determine whether green scale is present. If reinspection determines that the production area is free of green scale, shipping may resume. If reinspection determines that green scale is still present in the production area, another 2-month ban on shipping will be placed on the interstate movement of gardenia from that production area. Each ban will be followed by reinspection in the manner specified, and the production area must be found free of green scale prior to interstate movement.

(2) The grower must establish a buffer area surrounding gardenia production areas. The buffer area must extend 20 feet from the edge of the production area. Within the buffer area, the growing of gardenias and the following green scale host plants is prohibited: Ixora, ginger (Alpinia purpurata), plumeria, coffee, rambutan, litchi, guava, citrus, anthurium, avocado, banana, cocoa, macadamia, celery, Pluchea indica, mango, orchids, and annona.

(3) An inspector must visually inspect the cut blooms of gardenias in each consignment prior to interstate movement from Hawaii to the mainland United States. If the inspector does not detect green scale in the consignment, the inspector will certify the consignment in accordance with § 318.13–3(b). If the inspector finds green scale in a consignment, that consignment will be ineligible for interstate movement from Hawaii.

(Approved by the Office of Management and Budget under control number 0579–0198)
[74 FR 2775, Jan 16, 2009. Redesignated at 83 FR 46638, Sept. 14, 2018]