7 CFR § 319.40-7 - Treatments and safeguards.

§ 319.40-7 Treatments and safeguards.

(a) Certification of treatments or safeguards. If APHIS determines that a document required for the importation of regulated articles is inaccurate, the regulated articles which are the subject of the certificate or other document shall be refused entry into the United States. In addition, APHIS may determine not to accept any further certificates for the importation of regulated articles in accordance with this subpart from a country in which an inaccurate certificate is issued, and APHIS may determine not to allow the importation of any or all regulated articles from any such country, until corrective action acceptable to APHIS establishes that certificates issued in that country will be accurate.

(b) Debarking. Except for raw lumber, no more than 2 percent of the surface of all regulated articles in a lot may retain bark, with no single regulated article retaining bark on more than 5 percent of its surface. For raw lumber, debarking must remove 100 percent of the bark.

(c) Treatments. Treatment of regulated articles under this subpart must be conducted in accordance with part 305 of this chapter.

(d) Preservatives. All preservative treatments that use a preservative product that is registered by the United States Environmental Protection Agency are authorized for treatment of regulated articles imported in accordance with this subpart. Preservative treatments must be performed in accordance with label directions approved by the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

(Approved by the Office of Management and Budget under control number 0579-0049)
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