7 CFR § 319.40-8 - Processing at facilities operating under compliance agreements.

§ 319.40-8 Processing at facilities operating under compliance agreements.

(a) Any person who operates a facility in which imported regulated articles are processed may enter into a compliance agreement to facilitate the importation of regulated articles under this subpart. The compliance agreement shall specify the requirements necessary to prevent spread of plant pests from the facility, requirements to ensure the processing method effectively destroys plant pests, and the requirements for the application of chemical materials in accordance with part 305 of this chapter. The compliance agreement shall also state that inspectors must be allowed access to the facility to monitor compliance with the requirements of the compliance agreement and of this subpart. Compliance agreement forms may be obtained from the Administrator or an inspector.

(b) Any compliance agreement may be canceled by the inspector who is supervising its enforcement, orally or in writing, whenever the inspector finds that the person who entered into the compliance agreement has failed to comply with the conditions of the compliance agreement. If the cancellation is oral, the decision to cancel the compliance agreement and the reasons for cancellation of the compliance agreement shall be confirmed in writing, as promptly as circumstances permit. Any person whose compliance agreement has been canceled may appeal the decision in writing to the Administrator within 10 days after receiving written notification of the cancellation. The appeal shall state all of the facts and reasons upon which the person relies to show that the compliance agreement was wrongfully canceled. The Administrator shall grant or deny the appeal, in writing, stating the reasons for granting or denying the appeal, as promptly as circumstances permit. If there is a conflict as to any material fact and the person whose compliance agreement has been canceled requests a hearing, a hearing shall be held to resolve the conflict. Rules of practice concerning the hearing will be adopted by the Administrator.

(Approved by the Office of Management and Budget under control number 0579-0049)
[60 FR 27674, May 25, 1995, as amended at 69 FR 52418, Aug. 26, 2004; 70 FR 33325, June 7, 2005]