7 CFR § 319.8-18 - Samples.

§ 319.8-18 Samples.

(a) Samples of lint, linters, waste, cottonseed cake, and cottonseed meal may be entered without further permit other than the authorization contained in this section, but subject to inspection and such treatment as the inspector may deem necessary. Samples which represent either such products of United States origin or such products imported into the United States in accordance with the requirements of this subpart, and which were exported from the United States, may be entered into the United States without inspection when the inspector is satisfied as to the identity of the samples.

(b) Samples of cottonseed or seed cotton may be entered subject to the conditions and requirements provided in §§ 319.8-2, 319.8-4, and 319.8-19.

(c) Bales or other containers of cotton shall not be broken or opened for sampling and samples shall not be drawn until the inspector has so authorized and has prescribed the conditions and safeguards under which such samples shall be obtained.