7 CFR § 3201.22 - Fertilizers.

§ 3201.22 Fertilizers.

(a) Definition. Products formulated or processed to provide nutrients for plant growth and/or beneficial bacteria to convert nutrients into plant usable forms. Biobased fertilizers, which are likely to consist mostly of biobased components, may include both biobased and chemical components.

Note to paragraph (a):

Biobased fertilizers, as well as other fertilizers, may be made with recycled hazardous waste. Such fertilizers need to meet applicable land disposal restriction standards for any hazardous constituents they contain, as required under 40 CFR 266.20(d).

(b) Minimum biobased content. The preferred procurement product must have a biobased content of at least 71 percent, which shall be based on the amount of qualifying biobased carbon in the product as a percent of the weight (mass) of the total organic carbon in the finished product.

(c) Preference compliance date. No later than May 14, 2009, procuring agencies, in accordance with this part, will give a procurement preference for qualifying biobased fertilizers. By that date, Federal agencies that have the responsibility for drafting or reviewing specifications for items to be procured shall ensure that the relevant specifications require the use of biobased fertilizers.

(d) Determining overlap with an EPA-designated recovered content product. Qualifying biobased products that fall under this item may, in some cases, overlap with the EPA-designated recovered content product: Fertilizer. USDA is requesting that manufacturers of these qualifying biobased products provide information on the BioPreferred Web site of qualifying biobased products about the intended uses of the product, information on whether or not the product contains any recovered material, in addition to biobased ingredients, and performance standards against which the product has been tested. This information will assist Federal agencies in determining whether or not a qualifying biobased product overlaps with EPA-designated fertilizer product and which product should be afforded the preference in purchasing.

Note to paragraph (d):

Fertilizers within this designated item can be made with recycled materials. Under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act of 1976, section 6002, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency designated fertilizers containing recovered materials as items for which Federal agencies must give preference in their purchasing programs. The designation can be found in the Comprehensive Procurement Guideline, 40 CFR 247.15. EPA provides recovered materials content recommendations for fertilizers in the Recovered Materials Advisory Notice (RMAN) published for these products. The RMAN recommendations can be found by accessing EPA's Web site http://www.epa.gov/epaoswer/non-hw/procure/products.htm and then clicking on the appropriate product name.

[73 FR 27953, May 14, 2008]

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