7 CFR § 340.2 - Scope of this part.

§ 340.2 Scope of this part.

Except under a permit issued by the Administrator in accordance with § 340.5, no person shall move any GE organism that:

(a) Is a plant that has a plant-trait-mechanism of action combination that has not been evaluated by APHIS in accordance with § 340.4 or that, as a result of such evaluation, is subject to the regulations; or

(b) Meets the definition of a plant pest in § 340.3; or

(c) Is not a plant but has received deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) from a plant pest, as defined in § 340.3, and the DNA from the donor organism either is capable of producing an infectious agent that causes plant disease or encodes a compound that is capable of causing plant disease; or

(d) Is a microorganism used to control plant pests, or an invertebrate predator or parasite (parasitoid) used to control invertebrate plant pests, and could pose a plant pest risk; or

(e) Is a plant that encodes a product intended for pharmaceutical or industrial use.

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