7 CFR § 3555.301 - General servicing techniques.

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§ 3555.301 General servicing techniques.

In accordance with industry standards and as provided by the Agency:

(a) Prompt action. Lenders shall take prompt action to collect overdue amounts from borrowers to bring a delinquent loan current in as short a time as possible to avoid foreclosure to the extent possible and minimize losses.

(b) Evaluation of borrower. Lenders must evaluate loans and take appropriate loss mitigation actions in an effort to resolve any repayment problems and provide borrowers with the maximum opportunity to become successful homeowners.

(c) Prompt contact. In the event of default, the lender shall promptly contact the borrower within a timeframe specified by the Agency.

(d) Determine ability to cure. The lender must make a reasonable effort to obtain from the borrower information regarding the reason for default, the borrower's current financial situation and any other necessary information to evaluate the borrower's ability to cure the default and determine a feasible plan for collection, and/or alternatives to foreclosure.

(e) Communication. Before an account becomes 60 days past due and if there is no payment arrangement in place, the lender must send a certified letter to the borrower requesting an interview for the purpose of resolving the past due account.

(f) Prior to liquidation. Before an account becomes 60 days past due or before initiating liquidation, the lender must assess the physical condition of the property, determine whether it is occupied, and take necessary steps to protect the property.

(g) Maintain documentation. The lender must maintain documentation demonstrating that requirements in this subpart have been met and what steps have been taken to save a mortgage prior to making a decision to foreclose.

(h) Formal servicing plan. The lender must report a formal servicing plan to the Agency utilizing a web-based automated system when a borrower's account is delinquent for 90 days or more and a method other than foreclosure is recommended to solve the delinquency.

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