7 CFR § 3555.353 - Net recovery value.

§ 3555.353 Net recovery value.

The net recovery value of the property is determined differently for properties that have been sold than for properties that remain in the lender's inventory at the time the loss claim is filed.

(a) For a property that has been sold. When a loss claim is filed on a property that was sold to a third party at the foreclosure sale or through an approved pre-foreclosure sale, net recovery value is calculated as follows:

(1) The proceeds from the sale plus any other amounts recovered, minus

(2) The amount of actual liquidation and disposition costs provided those costs are reasonable and customary for the area. Costs incurred by in-house staff may not be included.

(b) For a property that has been acquired. When a loss claim is filed on a property acquired by the lender through a foreclosure sale or a deed-in-lieu of foreclosure, the net recovery value is based on an estimated sales price calculated using a market value appraisal along with holding and disposition costs calculated using the acquisition and management factor (also known as the VA Net Value Factor) published by the VA, and other factors as determined by the Agency. The lender must submit a loss claim package, including a market value appraisal, within 60 days of the foreclosure sale date or the date the lender acquires title. If eviction action is required in order to obtain a market value appraisal, the lender must submit the loss claim package, including the market value appraisal, within 60 days of the date the occupants clear the premises and in accordance with other requirements of this subpart. with any loss claim request in accordance with subpart H.

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