7 CFR 37.10 - Official assessment.

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§ 37.10 Official assessment.

Official assessment of an applicant's certification program shall be granted upon successful completion of a two-step review process, as provided for in § 37.2.

(a) Documentation approval. Documentation approval will be provided by the Branch Chief regarding the adequacy of an applicant's quality manual with respect to ISO Guide 65 requirements upon completion of an adequacy audit by the auditors.

(b) Program assessment. Assessment of a certification program will be issued by the Branch Chief by written memorandum or other approved method of assessment upon successful completion of an onsite audit conducted by the auditors of an applicant's organic certification program ensuring that the provisions of the applicant's quality manual have been implemented and that the applicant's certification program complies with the requirements of ISO Guide 65.

(c) Disapproval and corrections. An applicant determined not to meet applicable assessment requirements shall be provided by the Branch Chief with a written summary of observed program deficiencies. The applicant may appeal such a determination in accordance with the provisions of § 37.13 or implement required corrective action. After completion of the corrective action, the applicant may contact the Branch Chief to schedule another audit for assessment.