7 CFR 371.10 - Legislative and Public Affairs.

§ 371.10 Legislative and Public Affairs.

(a)General statement. Legislative and Public Affairs (LPA) is the communications arm of APHIS.

(b)Director of LPA. The Director of LPA is responsible for:

(1) Advising and assisting the Administrator and other officials on matters relating to agency legislative and media affairs.

(2) Preparing legislative proposals for APHIS programs and responsibilities. Assisting in compiling support material for agency witnesses for congressional hearings. Preparing legislative reports.

(3) Establishing and maintaining liaison with Members of Congress, various congressional committees and subcommittees, and their staffs on matters pertaining to APHIS.

(4) Planning and conducting an information program to promote interest in and increase the public knowledge of APHIS programs and activities.

(5) Drafting and administering policy guidelines on press contacts, photography, audiovisual activities, graphic design, radio-TV, and policy/editorial/graphics clearances for publications. Planning and conducting a program to explain APHIS policies in written form to Members of Congress, State and industry leaders, officials of foreign governments, and private citizens.

(6) Preparing replies to written inquiries and establishing and maintaining a system for the control of written inquiries referred by the Office of the Secretary or sent directly to the agency.

(7) Assisting in the preparation of position papers regarding APHIS programs.

(8) Assisting in the preparation of directives, procedural manuals, articles for publication, and agency correspondence. Coordinating APHIS activities within the scope of the Freedom of Information Act and the Privacy Act.