7 CFR § 400.682 - Determination and notification.

§ 400.682 Determination and notification.

(a) The insurance provider must send a written notice of the debt to the person, including the time frame in which the debt must be paid, and provide the person with a meaningful opportunity to contest the amount or existence of the debt. Once a debtor has filed bankruptcy and the insurance provider is formally informed of such through the court or the debtor, no request for payment of the debt can be made, unless approved in writing by the Office of General Counsel. The debtor may be notified of the amount of debt and ineligibility for crop insurance.

(1) The insurance provider shall evaluate the person's response, if any, and determine if the debt is owed and delinquent.

(2) Upon request by FCIC, the insurance provider shall submit all documentation related to the debt to FCIC.

(b) If an insurance provider or any other person has evidence that a person meets criteria set forth in § 400.679(a), (b), (c), (e) or (f), they must immediately notify FCIC.

(c) After the insurance provider determines a person has met one or more of the criteria in § 400.679 and notifies FCIC, FCIC will issue and mail a Notice of Ineligibility to the person's last known address and to the insurance provider. Notices sent to such address will be conclusively presumed to have been received by that person.

(d) The Notice of Ineligibility will state the criteria upon which the determination of ineligibility has been based, a brief statement of the facts to support the determination, the time period of ineligibility, and the right to appeal the determination to be placed on the ITS in accordance with paragraph (e) of this section.

(e) Within 30 days of receiving the Notice of Ineligibility, the ineligible person may appeal FCIC's determination to be placed on ITS to the National Appeals Division in accordance with 7 CFR part 11. The existence and amount of the debt is determined by the insurance provider, not FCIC; therefore, those determinations are not appealable to the National Appeals Division.

(f) If the person appeals FCIC's determination to be placed on ITS to the National Appeals Division, the insurance provider will be notified and provided with an opportunity to participate in the proceeding, if permitted by 7 CFR part 11.

(g) No later than 60 days after the termination date, a missed payment date of a previously executed written payment agreement, or in the case of an overpaid indemnity or any amount that became due after the termination date, the due date specified in a notice to the person of an amount due, as applicable, such ineligible person may request consideration for reinstatement from the Administrator, Risk Management Agency, in accordance with section 2 of the Common Crop Insurance Policy Basic Provisions (7 CFR 457.8).

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