7 CFR § 4279.126 - Loan terms.

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§ 4279.126 Loan terms.

(a) The length of the loan term must be the same for both the guaranteed and un guaranteed portions of the loan. The maximum repayment for loans for real estate will not exceed 30 years; machinery and equipment repayment will not exceed the useful life of the machinery and equipment or 15 years, whichever is less; and working capital repayment will not exceed 7 years. The term for a debt refinancing loan may be based on the collateral the lender will take to secure the loan.

(b) A loan's maturity will take into consideration the use of proceeds, the useful life of assets being financed and those used as collateral, and the borrower's ability to repay the loan.

(c) Only loans that require a periodic payment schedule that will retire the debt over the term of the loan without a balloon payment will be guaranteed.

(d) The first installment of principal and interest will, if possible, be scheduled for payment after the facility is operational and has begun to generate income. However, the first full installment must be due and payable within 3 years from the date of the promissory note and be paid at least annually thereafter. In cases where there is an interest-only period, interest will be paid at least annually from the date of the note.

(e) There must be no “due-on-demand” clauses without cause. Regardless of any “due-on-demand” with cause provision in a lender's promissory note, the Agency must concur in any acceleration of the loan unless the basis for acceleration is monetary default.