7 CFR § 4285.70 - Evaluation criteria.

§ 4285.70 Evaluation criteria.

(a) In evaluating the proposal, the RDA or its successor agency staff review panel and the awarding official will take into account the degree to which the proposal demonstrates the following:

(1) Focus on a practical solution to a significant problem involving one or more of the following on a cooperative business basis: the preparation for market, processing, packaging, handling, storing, transporting, distributing, or marketing of agricultural products. (35%)

(2) Adequacy, soundness, and appropriateness of the proposed approach to solve the identified problem. (30%)

(3) Feasibility and probability of success of project solving the problem. (10%)

(4) Qualifications, experience in related work, competence, and availability of project personnel to direct and carry out the project. (25%)

(b) In addition, the cost relative to the expected research results will be considered in determining the awarding of the agreements.