7 CFR § 52.1844 - Definition of terms.

§ 52.1844 Definition of terms.

(a) Capstems means small woody stems exceeding 1/8-inch in length which attach the raisins to the branches of the bunch.

(b) A piece of stem means a portion of the branch or main stem.

(c) Seeds refers to whole, fully developed seeds which have not been removed during the processing of seeded raisins with seeds.

(d) Damaged raisins means raisins affected by sunburn, scars, insect injury, mechanical injury, or other similar means which seriously affect the appearance, edibility, keeping quality, or shipping quality of the raisins. In seeded Raisins with Seeds, mechanical injury resulting from normal seeding operations is not considered damage.

(e) Sugared means either external or internal sugar crystals are present and the accumulation of such crystallized fruit sugars in the flesh or on the surface of the raisins is readily apparent.

(f) Grit, sand, or silt means any particle or earthy material.

(g) Moisture means the percentage by weight of the processed raisins, exclusive of branch and heavy stem material, that is moisture when determined by the “Dried Fruit Moisture Tester Method” or in accordance with other methods that give equivalent results.

(h) Slightly discolored means a raisin affected by a brown to dark brown discolored area around the capstem end of the raisin that is less than the area of a circle 1/8-inch in diameter.

(i) Discolored means a raisin affected by a brown to dark brown discolored area around the capstem end of the raisin that equals or exceeds the area of a circle 1/8-inch in diameter; Provided, That the overall appearance, keeping quality, and edibility of the product are not seriously affected.

(j) Well-matured means raisins that are full-fleshed, may have fine wrinkles and are rounded in appearance.

(k) Reasonably well-matured means raisins that are reasonably full-fleshed and may have shallow wrinkles with thick edged ridges.

(l) Fairly well-matured means raisins that are thin-fleshed and angular in appearance.

(m) Substandard development means raisins that are practically lacking in flesh.

(n) Undeveloped refers to extremely light berries that are lacking in sugary tissue indicating incomplete development; are reddish in color; are completely shriveled; have fine wrinkles on smaller units and moderately deep wrinkles on slightly larger units; and are commonly referred to as “worthless.”