7 CFR § 520.1 - General statement.

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§ 520.1 General statement.

These procedures assure that research and other activities of the Agricultural Research Service (ARS) comply with the intent of the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 (NEPA) and appropriate regulations implementing this Act. These procedures incorporate and supplement, and are not a substitute for, CEQ regulations under 40 CFR parts 1500-1508, and Department of Agriculture NEPA Policies and Procedures under 7 CFR part 1b. ARS conducts and supports research as authorized by legislation to support one of the USDA goals of assuring adequate supplies of high quality food and fiber. Information generated through such research often forms the basic data needed to assess the impact of a new technology upon the environment. Large scale projects simulating commercial practices are normally implemented in cooperation with other agencies of the Federal or State Governments.