7 CFR § 53.21 - Errors in service.

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§ 53.21 Errors in service.

When an official grader, supervisor, or other responsible employee of the Branch has evidence of misgrading, or of incorrect certification or other incorrect determination or identification as to the class, grade, other quality, or compliance of livestock, he shall report the matter to his immediate supervisor. The supervisor will investigate the matter and, if he deems advisable, will report it to the owner or his agent. The supervisor shall take appropriate action to correct errors found in the determination or identification of class, grade or other quality or compliance of livestock if the livestock is still owned by the person who owned them when, and are still located at the establishment where, the incorrect service was rendered and if such service was rendered by a grader under the jurisdiction of such supervisor, and the supervisor shall take adequate measures to prevent the recurrence of such errors.