7 CFR § 59.10 - General administrative provisions.

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§ 59.10 General administrative provisions.

(a) Reporting by packers and importers. A packer or importer shall report all information required under this part on an individual lot basis.

(b) Reporting schedule. Whenever a packer or importer is required to report information on transactions of livestock and livestock products under this part by a set time, all covered transactions up to within one half hour of the reporting deadline shall be reported. Transactions completed during the one half hour prior to the previous reporting time, but not reported in the previous report, shall be reported at the next scheduled reporting time.

(c) Regional reporting and aggregation. The Secretary shall make information obtained under this part available to the public only in a manner that:

(1) Ensures that the information is published on a national and a regional or statewide basis as the Secretary determines to be appropriate;

(2) Ensures that the identity of a reporting person or the entity which they represent is not disclosed; and

(3) Market information reported to the Secretary by packers and importers shall be aggregated in such a manner that the market reports issued will not disclose the identity of persons, packers and importers, including parties to a contract and packer's and importer's proprietary information.

(d) Adjustments. Prior to the publication of any information required under this part, the Secretary may make reasonable adjustments in information reported by packers and importers to reflect price aberrations or other unusual or unique occurrences that the Secretary determines would distort the published information to the detriment of producers, packers, or other market participants.

(e) Reporting of activities on weekends and holidays. Livestock and livestock products committed to a packer, or importer, or purchased, sold, or slaughtered by a packer or importer on a weekend day or holiday shall be reported to the Secretary in accordance with the provisions of this Part and reported by the Secretary on the immediately following reporting day. A packer shall not be required to report such actions more than once on the immediately following reporting day.

(f) Reporting methods. Whenever information is required to be reported under this part, it shall be reported by electronic means and shall adhere to a standardized format established by the Secretary to achieve the objectives of this part, except in emergencies or in cases when an alternative method is agreeable to the entity required to report and AMS.