7 CFR § 613.5 - PMCs.

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§ 613.5 PMCs.

(a) The Norman A. Berg National PMC. The Norman A. Berg National PMC at Beltsville, Maryland, focuses on national initiatives and provides coordination for plant materials work across all 50 States. In addition, the center provides plants and plant technology to address resource concerns in the mid-Atlantic region.

(b) Other PMCs. There are 26 other PMCs. Each serves several major land resource areas. NRCS operates 24 of these Centers, and 2 by cooperating agencies, as follows:

(1) Operated by NRCS: Tucson, AZ, Booneville, AR, Lockeford, CA, Brooksville, FL, Americus, GA, Molokai, HI, Aberdeen, ID, Manhattan, KS, Galliano, LA, East Lansing, MI, Coffeeville, MS, Elsberry, MO, Bridger, MT, Fallon, NV, Cape May Courthouse, NJ, Los Lunas, NM, Big Flats, NY, Bismarck, ND, Corvallis, OR, Kingsville, TX, Knox City, TX, Nacogdoches, TX, Pullman, WA, and Alderson, WV.

(2) Operated by cooperating agencies with financial and technical assistance from NRCS: Meeker, CO - White River and Douglas Creek Soil Conservation Districts with partial funding from NRCS.

(3) Operated by cooperating agencies with technical assistance from NRCS: Palmer, AK - State of Alaska, Department of Natural Resources.