7 CFR § 625.14 - Modification of the HFRP restoration plan.

§ 625.14 Modification of the HFRP restoration plan.

The State Conservationist may approve modifications to the HFRP restoration plan that do not modify or void provisions of the easement, contract, restoration agreement, or Landowner Protections, and are consistent with applicable law. NRCS may obtain and receive input from the landowner and coordinate with FWS and NMFS to determine whether a modification to the restoration plan is justified. Any HFRP restoration plan modification must meet HFRP program objectives, and must result in equal or greater wildlife benefits and ecological and economic values to the United States. Modifications to the HFRP restoration plan which are substantial and affect provisions of the contract, restoration cost-share agreement, or Landowner Protections will require agreement from the landowner, any relevant party to a specific SHA or CCAA, FWS, or NMFS, as appropriate, and may require execution of an amended contract or 10-year restoration cost-share agreement and modification to the Landowner Protection provisions.