7 CFR § 625.9 - 10-year restoration cost-share agreements.

§ 625.9 10-year restoration cost-share agreements.

(a) The restoration plan developed under § 625.13 forms the basis for the 10-year cost-share agreement and its terms are incorporated therein.

(b) A 10-year cost-share agreement will:

(1) Incorporate all portions of a restoration plan;

(2) Be for a period of 10 years;

(3) Include all provisions as required by law or statute;

(4) Specify the requirements for operation and maintenance of applied conservation practices;

(5) Include any participant reporting and recordkeeping requirements to determine compliance with the agreement and HFRP;

(6) Be signed by the participant;

(7) Identify the amount and extent of cost-share assistance that NRCS will provide for the adoption or implementation of the approved conservation treatment identified in the restoration plan; and

(8) Include any other provision determined necessary or appropriate by the NRCS representative.

(c) Once the participant and NRCS have signed a 10-year cost-share agreement, the land will be considered enrolled in HFRP.

(d) The State Conservationist may, by mutual agreement with the parties to the 10-year cost-share agreement, consent to the termination of the restoration agreement where:

(1) The parties to the 10-year cost-share agreement are unable to comply with the terms of the restoration agreement as the result of conditions beyond their control;

(2) Compliance with the terms of the 10-year cost-share agreement would work a severe hardship on the parties to the agreement; or

(3) Termination of the 10-year cost-share agreement would, as determined by the State Conservationist, be in the public interest.

(e) If a 10-year cost-share agreement is terminated in accordance with the provisions of this section, the State Conservationist may allow the participants to retain any cost-share payments received under the 10-year cost-share agreement where forces beyond the participant's control prevented compliance with the agreement.