7 CFR § 632.3 - Responsibilities.

§ 632.3 Responsibilities.

(a) The Rural Abandoned Mine Program is administered by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) through NRCS in accordance with the delegation of responsibility contained in § 601.1(h) of this chapter.

(1) The Chief of NRCS is responsible for national program management and administration and for coordinating program operations with the Office of Surface Mining (OSM), U.S. Department of the Interior.

(2) State conservationists (Responsible Federal Officials) are responsible for program operations within a State including program coordination with the State reclamation agency and the representatives of OSM.

(b) The primary public contacts for program assistance are the district conservationists located in local NRCS field offices.

(c) NRCS is assisted by other USDA agencies in accordance with existing authorities and agreements in carrying out the program.

(d) NRCS is to coordinate Rural Abandoned Mine Program activities with NRCS programs and the other reclamation programs authorized by Pub. L. 95-87 that are carried out by the Office of Surface Mining of the U.S. Department of the Interior, State reclamation agencies, and Indian tribes. Coordination includes program development, development of reclamation standards, preparation of special reports, requests for funding, and related actions required to achieve coordination between programs.

(e) NRCS is to consult with State and local reclamation committees to obtain recommendations on program operation, evaluation of applications for reclamation assistance, and public participation. The NRCS State Conservationist is to use existing reclamation committees or encourage the organization of a new State committee for this purpose. The State Conservationist is to serve as a member when the committee is functioning for the purposes of this program. Representatives of the Office of Surface Mining, State reclamation agency, State water quality agency, State conservation agency, and other agencies or groups are to be invited to participate as members. Individual citizens may participate through the State committee. Local committees, if needed, are to be organized on a multicounty, county, conservation district, or other appropriate area with a local membership structure similar to the State committee. The district conservationist is to be a member of a local reclamation committee organized to provide program guidance.

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