7 CFR 633.8 - Cost-share payments.

§ 633.8 Cost-share payments.

(a) In addition to annual payments, the NRCS may share the cost with program participants of protecting the wetland functions and values of the enrolled land as provided in the conservation plan. The NRCS may pay up to 75 percent of such costs.

(b) Cost-share payments may be made only upon a determination by the NRCS that an eligible practice or an identifiable unit of the practice has been established in compliance with appropriate standards and specifications. Identified practices may be implemented by the program participant or other designee.

(c) A program participant may seek additional cost-share assistance from other public or private organizations as long as the activities funded are in compliance with this part. In no event shall the program participant receive an amount which exceeds 100 percent of the total actual cost of the practices.