7 CFR § 636.9 - Cost-share agreements.

§ 636.9 Cost-share agreements.

(a) To apply for WHIP cost-share assistance, a person, tribe, or legal entity must submit an application for participation at a USDA Service Center to an NRCS representative.

(b) A WHIP cost-share agreement will:

(1) Incorporate the WHIP plan of operations;

(2) Be for a time period agreed to by the participant and NRCS, with a minimum duration of one year after the completion of conservation activities identified in the WHIP plan of operations and a maximum of 10 years, except for agreements entered into under paragraph (c) of this section;

(3) Include all provisions as required by law or statute;

(4) Include any participant reporting and recordkeeping requirements to determine compliance with the cost-share agreement and program;

(5) Be signed by the participant;

(6) Specify payment limits described in § 636.7(f) including any additional payment limitation associated with determinations made under § 636.7(g);

(7) Include an O&M agreement that describes the O&M for each conservation activity and the agency expectation that WHIP-funded conservation activities will be operated and maintained for their expected lifespan; and

(8) Include any other provision determined necessary or appropriate by the NRCS representative.

(c) Notwithstanding any limitation of this part, NRCS may enter into a long-term cost-share agreement that:

(1) Is for a term of at least 15 years;

(2) Protects and restores essential plant or animal habitat, as determined by NRCS; and

(3) Provides cost-share payments of no more than 90 percent of the cost of implementing the WHIP plan of operations to develop fish and wildlife habitat.