7 CFR § 760.613 - De minimis exception.

§ 760.613 De minimis exception.

(a) Participants seeking the de minimis exception to the risk management purchase requirements of this subpart, must certify:

(1) That a specific crop on the farm is not a crop of economic significance on the farm; or

(2) That the administrative fee required for the purchase of NAP coverage for a crop exceeds 10 percent of the value of that coverage.

(b) To be eligible for a de minimis exception to the risk management purchase requirement in § 760.104, the participant must elect such exception at the same time the participant files the application for payment and the certification of interests, as specified in § 760.620, and specify the crop or crops for which the participant is requesting such exception.

(c) FSA will not consider the value of any crop elected under paragraph (b) of this section in calculating both the SURE guarantee and the total farm revenue.

(d) All provisions of this subpart apply in the event a participant does not obtain an exception according to this section.