7 CFR § 760.620 - Time and method of application and certification of interests.

§ 760.620 Time and method of application and certification of interests.

(a) Each producer interested in obtaining a SURE payment must file an application for payment and provide an accurate certification of interests. The application will be on a form prescribed by FSA and will require information or certifications from the producer regarding any other assistance, payment, or grant benefit the producer has received for any of the producer's crops or interests on a farm as defined in this subpart; regardless of whether the crop or interest is covered in the farm's SURE guarantee according to § 760.631. The producer's certification of interests will help FSA establish whether the producer is an eligible participant.

(b) Eligible participants with a qualifying loss as defined in this subpart must submit an application for payment and certification of interests by March 1 of the calendar year that is two years after the relevant corresponding calendar year for the crop year which benefits are sought to be eligible for payment (for example, the final date to submit an application for a SURE payment for the 2009 crop year will be March 1, 2011). Producers who do not submit the application by that date will not be eligible for payment.

(c) To the extent available and practicable, FSA will assist participants with information regarding their interests in a farm, as of the date of certification, based on information already available to FSA from various sources. However, the participant is solely responsible for providing an accurate certification from which FSA can determine the participant's farm interests for the purposes of this program. As determined appropriate by FSA, failure of a participant to provide an accurate certification of interests as part of the application may render the participant ineligible for any assistance under SURE.

(d) To elect a de minimis exception to the risk management purchase requirement for a crop or crops, the participant must meet the requirements specified in § 760.613. When electing a de minimis exception, the participant must specify the crops for which the exception is requested and provide the certification and supporting documentation for that exception at the time the application and certification of interests is filed with FSA.